Veganism is one of the most powerful and prevalent movements in the UK & Ireland today. There are now four times as many families and people choosing to opt into the movement as there were four years ago.


Much like the plants this lifestyle thrives upon, veganism is currently in a state of growth. NI Vegan Festival will harvest the potential rewards of this dynamic cultural phenomenon. A celebration for all things plant-based from food to footwear, the festival will be a holistic event for the entire family offering education, inspiration, and innovation all firmly rooted in the planet-saving ethos of veganism.



It is unfortunate that today the term "veganism" can still conjure up images of extremist ideologies and a restrictive diet "free-from" indulgence, enjoyment, and taste.



Let's chew this over.



In reality, veganism can encompass all the style, excitement, and luxury of non-plant-based products. It is the vivacious inventions, NI vegan businesses work tirelessly to produce, that are cornering the markets in catering, cosmetics, home care, and even clothing.



The festival will shine a neon sign toward a carnival of sensory exploration that seeks to save entire species and ecosystems. Who wouldn't want to investigate their own potential to be a saviour of our universe!?



The event will deliver information and well-being workshops, breakfast get-together, talks, and a Vegan Jamboree with a market, bar and entertainment!



All of the amenities at the festival will be carried out in the spirit of full inclusivity for all. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey into the wonderful world of the purely plant-based or you're already some way down the road, NI Vegan Festival will be your one-stop sustainable shop!